Sunday, November 21, 2010

Practically Prefect in Every Single Way

Walking through the grassy field he held out his hand for me to grab it.
Our fingers played twister and our mouths slipped into big smiles.
He said "you look beautiful"...
He said "i love your winter wear"...
He said "you are perfect, perfect for me"...

Our steps syncronized together i sang us a "walking" theme song.
He smiled and laughed at me when he told me he liked my song
His big warm hand held my little cold one to keep it warm..
Hinting to go a different way than we came, i decided to just go along with it (even though i knew it would take longer... who would mind a few steps when walking with an angel?)
We laughed, we talked about the first time we thought of eachother.
We laughed, we talked about our favorite cereals. - waffle crisp and honey bunches
We laughed, we talked about how dumb hummers were, and how crosswalks cost 5 cents each time you press the button.

Crossing the road we felt the cold air, and our noses were cold.
Losing day light we happily journeyed past the school near by.
You told me you had a secret for me.
I had one for you too.
Park 16 :)
I told him he was perfect... perfect for me.
I told him I have never in my life been happier.
I told him to run... "run forest run"... after me.
So of course he did and lifted my little brown boots off the green grass and spun me around.
We laughed and looked at eachother with our eyes smiling.

I am the luckiest girl in the world and i know this to be true.
You say you will never hurt me like he did, and i 100% believe you.

He said "i love you"
And i said... "I love you too"


  1. Steff, you are an amazing writer. I'm serious.

  2. I absolutely agree. This is amazing, absolutely amazing,

  3. Steffany Bird, you are a darling. You are just too awesome.