Wednesday, November 24, 2010

snosreteP ehT

I remember the first time i saw that house.
You needed a ride home after school, i took you there.
Our friendship still starting out i was excited to see where you took residence.
We pulled up and i thought "i have seen this house before, but i never knew it was yours"...
I remember the first fime i went to that house- the house with the floating walkway.
It was to watch a movie in the "ghetto" theater out back.
I wandered around out back and fell in love with the green house.
So quaint, i didnt want to leave it.
I thought "wow, i like this place"...
I remember the first time i went into that house.
A new coat of paint was being spread across the walls.
Your darling mom standing on a ladder holding a brush in her hand.
Your dad installing something on the window wells.
Everyone helping and singing to the music.
I thought "i wish i could help paint"... but i was too embarrassed to ask if i could, and i sang the songs under my breath too embarrassed to sing out.
I remember the first time i felt what that house has to offer.
Directly after the wedding of a beautiful sister,
We sat on the couch, and i listened. just listened to the laughter.
Brothers and sisters, mom and dad, all just one big happy family.
I watched the blonde dancer do hand stands against the wall as she told a story
she had already shared it made me giggle...
I thought, "do i have to go?"...
And every time i have to part i think that same thing...
"Must i go?"
I remember the feeling of that house.
I remember the warmth it has to offer.
I remember how much i love it there.
I remember what i want my house to be like.
and most of all
I remember what happiness is like in that house with the floating walk.

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  1. Steff!! My word, this is beautiful, honestly. And it made me cry, I must did my mom, and my dad..haha we're suckers. We love you so much, seriously! ah, still want to cry ha. You are so sweet and beautiful thank you for being so lovely to my family and my brother. We hope you'll be able to join us later. Love you!! (Bye, be safe, call me if you need me hahaha)