Sunday, February 14, 2010


By far one of my favorite poems someone has ever written....
i thank you. it has saved me.

There's a broken heart that can't be fixed tonight.Tomorrow, or the next day.And we the ones trying to fix it.Have run out of words to say. Words to heal.Words to explain, there's no more words to steal.Will her wound ever mend? will the scar disappear?Will the storm clouds she lives beneath clear?It breaks my heart, seeing hers destroyed.When she fell for him, her parachute never deployed.She fell to the ground, without a moment of thought.She hit rock bottom. And he watched as she fought.Struggling to survive, to find another breath.She's barely alive, barely escaping death.I kneel here on one leg, offering my finest prayer.Wishing for the best, as i streak my fingers through my hair,"Give her strength to move on, give her strength to find that sunny morning""Let her realize what she's getting into, so next time she'll remember without a warning""Help her feel the warmth of the summer season, and forget about winters treason""Help her become herself, and find the feeling we all long for""Open for her, another door."

honestly i cried to myself that someone would think of me.

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