Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Goodbye for good.
I wont say anything more cause that is all i have left to say. Honest this time. Im worn out. You truly are not good for me. And i have accepted that already. Goodbye for good. Dont come crawling back, I deleted you from my life already, And my last thought is..... Goodbye. For good. Dont come back. Your unwelcome. Goodbye for good. Im sick of this all... I need a new start. For good. Not going back, cause i have tried before, And it hurts more everytime i come back. How many times do i have to touch A hot stove and get burned to realize i have to stop reaching. I looked at my hands today, saddest sight. My hands dont work they are so scarred from this.... no more scarrs no more tears no more thoughts no more hurting... Goodbye for good. Im done. Im done. Im done. Goodbye i dont want you in my life anymore... I already feel better. And to be perfectly honest i dont care if this hurts you. You hurt me more than anyone. I watched you walk away but now I will glance away when our paths cross and pretend like i dont see a thing... just like you have done with me.

Goodbye for good.

Someone forgetting you

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