Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Perfect Excuse for a Holiday

Basically.... its Valentines today.
Also known as Single awareness day...
The day were you know if have someone or not...
Even if you dont care... you still know by the end of the day.

Its stupid you see, this whole holiday we celebrate today...
Well the idea of love and all it great dont get me wrong,
But really do we need a day were we all get all smoochy?
Do we need a day when all couples everywhere are all seen everywhere?
Do we really need a candle lit dinner and a bear hug teddy bear?
Ya i didnt think so...

This wonderful day was made for all the card companies
And all the chocolate companies that wanted more money.
Silly if you ask me. Just silly.
I dont need a single day for love, or a single day to show love.
I dont need flowers or cards or chocolates either.

For me i would rather have a little love everyday then one big thow up vomiting of love today.
Good company, friends, smiles and giggles show me love.
That is simply all i need.

So really everyday should be the feeling of beloved Valentines day right?
Hmm... oh well, maybe im just silly with my points of view...

But that is just me, silly old me and this is just valentines day,
Silly old valentines day.

I think i will try to incorperate the feeling of valentines into everyday life,
cause everyone seems to be happy when someone has shown they care.
So here i go to show the world love, every single day.
Not just today....
Oh you silly silly holiday!


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  2. i actually really like valentines. even though i am usually single (ha! way to be, eh?)

    its the most precious emotion we have, why not celebrate it? it doesn't make me any more aware of the fact that i'm not in a relationship. i'm perfectly aware of that and i think people who need a holiday to figure that one out werent right in the head to begin with.

    like christmas, mothers day, fathers day anniversaries, easter.. much of the holidays we celebrate have become commercialized. though it shouldn't cheapen the meaning. I delight in wrapping christmas presents just as much as i delight in helping my little sister attach small candies to valentines for her classmates.
    love is the most beautiful emotion we have, lets celebrate it!
    all day today i've been overwhelmed with love. i haven't been bitter because i'm not in a relationship. just happy because of the love i have for my mama and daddy, brother. for my darling sisters. for my darling cousins. for my dear old grandparents. for friends, for you.

    i think its a lovely thing to do.. celebrate love.
    lets celebrate laughter.
    lets celebrate smiles.
    march 27th, official laughter celebration day.

    i love you steffany bird.
    happy valentines day (even if i am an hour late.)