Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying Steps

Today i was walking to that one place i love.... With every step a beat to match my content heart. Walking to ease my already calmed soul, meditation maybe, absoluetly enjoyable? Yes. Like a movie was playing my head as i walked to the voices in my ears, singing their enjoyable tunes. How i love to walk walk walk. Especially on days like today. When the wind is blowing my hair, but hardly at all. As the coldness reminds me of my nice warm sweater - and that makes me think of a big warm hug... And the snowflakes drop down on my nose until it is crinkled and wet...They stuck to my eye lashes blocking a perfect view, but i loved it. Every second of it. As i passed this little place i call home, where the leaves on the trees sing songs of joy and the white picket fences are a little worn down. Thinking to myself how truly wonderful it is that i can even walk through this area of a place we call earth. I lift my head up to the sky to thank the one that made all that i was passing, and saw a little bird flying in the breeze, and even though i was walking, that was me. As free as the bird. I passed a large beautiful tree with its roots coming out of the side walk, just wanting to be free, it was a magnificent sight but i was the bird not the empressive tree. Although the tree was large and profound, i was Free like the bird, i would never be held down, I was on top of my world just enjoying the life all around little old me. I must have walked home with a big goofy smile on my face the whole time cause my cheeks hurt when i arrived to my favorite destination. My nose cold kissed and a rosy appearance to my face, i was a free little bird just happy to have whatever was here for me.

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