Monday, February 15, 2010

Mother Nature Wears Perfume Too

The sky turns gray from a vibrant bright lovely blue. As the clouds roll over the picture perfect summer backdrop, only one thought runs through my head. The white fluffy clouds that you find animals and smiles and stars in are now a mass of gray, a welcomed gray. These clouds mean one thing, rain. The sweet wonderful earth quenching rain. What a wonderful gift from god. Rain. It cleans even the most far corners of the earth, every single nook and cranny. So wonderful. it brings a feeling of letting go, of breathing of just sitting and taking in earths natural perfume- cause that is what rain is too, the most glorious smell. Clean. Like it is a new blank canvas after a storm, white and pure. A clean sheet out of the dyer. Or a block of molding clay, just ready to be reshaped once again. Rain, every emotion in the rain feels ten times stronger and i cant explain why, but its true. Maybe that is because it is falling down on you, and every thing you feel inside is now falling down on you from the heavens above... that same place that gave you the feelings from the inside... who knows? Puddles gather in the cracks and collect the wonderful perfume. Of course now i must go jump in them cause then i can feel like the earth, clean. Pure. Blank and ready for my new shape. I love the taste the smell the feeling the emotion the charater of rain. Rain inspires me to do things like walk my silly little doggy, or go on a run in my shorts with my ear muffs. Rain inspires me to sing at the top of my lungs and dance around like a fool but i dont even care cause it is the beautiful feeling that the rain provides my little soul. Rain inspires me to clean my room or wash my hair, do something spontanious or clever. Rain to me is so refreshing i feel like i jumped in a can of sprite. Just too wonderful to even describe. Oh i hope that the rain persists cause i love how the earth is when it rains. I love the person that i am when it rains. Happiness seems to slow down and you feel it for so much longer in the rain. And sadness reflects in the puddles on the ground in the rain. The rain knows who i am and i know it well too. How i love the rain. I just might move to seatle.

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  1. That first picture is so adorable! How are you doing babe! You are gorgeous! send me your email and I will invite you to see our blog! - Love you!