Friday, February 26, 2010

Days like Today

On a day like today
I thank my big brother up that way
For the soft sunny sky
That makes me want to fly.

On a day like today
Nothing in this world seems gray
The world is my solace place
And a smile never leaves my face.

On a day like today
I am glad i crossed your way
Cause you make me feel happy
And i dont even care if that seems sappy.

On a day like today,
The world seems like its mine
Everything is more than fine.

On a day like today,
I will scream and say
This place is so very wonderful
I love how very colorful.

On days like today,
I am happy to be alive.
I am glad i had tough times to make
Days like these thrive.

On days like today
I might even say Hooray!
I love today :)

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