Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fairytale Nightmare

The trees were dark.
Trying to warn the girls of the danger they were walking into.
But they couldn't see the trees concerned faces as they walked on.
With a can of red paint in their hand.
A mission in thier little minds.
-create a memory-
-leave your mark-
The trail cluttered with twigs and pine cones.
The girls followed.
Going somewhere, anywhere, to mark the unknown.
They just left, and know one knew, secret agents of the world.
What a feeling that was.
For the first little while it was surreal.
Pleasent fun.
Like walking on a road in a fairytale.
The flowers singing the sun shining,
The clouds gray...
And like every story, it cannot always be fair to the characters, so it wasn't.
The two heroines now so far into the forrest, they lost their way.
Almost out of their red paint.
The mission almost over, but not close to where it started.
As the rain started to fall, the sky let out yells of anger,
And flashes of its frusteration.
The two secret girls, no one knowing where they were, became scared.
Covered by thousands of tall tall trees, screaming at them to leave!
Tears rolled down the face of one, and the other panicked
What to do?
But where?
Like alice in wonderland, lost and confused those two were.
Until they realized,
They brought their savor with them.
Slow motion they begin to run as the rain dripped down each girls body.
Soaking wet, in a dark scary forrest.
The glow of the sky yelling and loud agony shakes them scared.
Pick up the knees and run until the red paint.
That red paint, a mark with the initals of each girl.
Trace back up the direction you came girls that will get you home.
Over and over again,
Running over the rocks and all the tree roots.
Each step closer to the place they started.
Safety every inch closer as the run, crying, soaking and eager to arrive to the solace.
With the last rock of red paint they start to scream with joy.
The light at the end of the tunnel.

A fairytale nightmare.
And the two characters are home.

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  1. i am so flattered. thank you steff. this means so much to me.