Sunday, March 7, 2010

Will Embrace the World in Gray

The cold night air brushes my face,
As tears of sadness set into place.
The big wet tears stream across my cheek
But I cant get my body to stop the leak.

Its nights like this one when the air is slightly wet,
And the stars in the night sky are set,
That i remember,
All the emotions i will have forever.

I look up at the dark sky cluttered with cloud
And remember this field when i was not proud.
That dreaded walk to ease my heart
But really was ripping it from the start.

With my theme song of sadness in my ear,
Your voice is all that i can manage to hear.
With all the steps i take and every breath i make,
I remember how that walk was a mistake.

All the wetness seeped inside my sock
And the hour hand on the clock.
Maybe my worst hour,
Cause you had all the power.

Its too much to take so i lay down on my back,
Energy, what i lack,
I cant even handle the power so im down on my knees
Praying my prayers and pleading my pleas.

Crying myself calm,
Just before the break of dawn,
On the wet green blades of grass,
Waiting, hoping for all this to pass.

Its nights like tonight when im walking....
And you refuse to leave my heart,
I try to rip you off but you wont part.

So its nights like tonight when im just walking,
That i remeber all the while how much you are part of me.
And how much i remember that i dont really want you free.

Its nights like tonight,
That shake my body with fright,
Cause i should want you gone,
But i will pretend your here with me singing this song....

And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in gray.
And the sun will set for you.

Its nights like tonight when i cant forget you.
Or what we have done.

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