Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There is someone i care about very dearly,
And i am afraid, i cant play superwoman right now.
Right now.
When they need it most.
Everything unsteady in their life, and i cant even be there.
I wish i could reach out to them, like i have before.
But i dont know if i am a strong enough person to lift them up.

There is someone i care about deeply,
With all of my heart, but i am afraid, the tears will just have to roll,
For this lesson to be painted into our minds.
It rips my soul in half when i cant see them smile,
Knowing i could put one on that face so easily.
And yet i step back, not knowing if i am strong enough,
To lift the heavy load they carry with them as well.

There is a person, i think about everyday, My brain always plays their words all day long.
And i wish that i would have more words to ponder,
But i dont, because of them, because of me.
Dreams and hopes still sit in my body just holding on to the last link of trust.
But the link is holding up so much, when will it break?
Hold on little chain.

This is a person engraved on my heart.
But this break is tearing theirs apart.

My friend hold on, i believe in you
I know your heart is strong.
But you have to believe too.

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