Saturday, March 13, 2010


Im Jumping off, letting it all go.

Im jumping off, to feel the wind on my face.

Im jumping off, cuase its what i want.

Im jumping off, to put my self out of place.

Jumping away from all the thoughts,
The world no more embrace.

You aren't tying me down
Just like i wanted.

And my feelings have fallen for you,
But i wont,
Im Jumping off and never gonna fall.

I watched my package of you crash to the ground
It hit hard, like when i hit after you let go.
I am okay with that cause i am still mid air,
And about you i dont even care.

Im jumping off to prove to myself i am strong.

Im jumping off to lose you,

That one person who was totally wrong.

I jumped off and am flying in the blue.

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