Friday, March 26, 2010


Be fair,
I know you care.
I must be fair,
Becuase you care.

Look at those eyes and say what needs to be said.
Do i really have to say it? Can they stay in my head?

This is unfair to you,
And i am sorry too,
But i am not sure what i am doing,
In a new direction i thought i was moving.

This is like driving on a dirt road, when you can see the paved one.
Its like not wearing sunscreen as you swim and you burn up.
This is like looking at the seatbelt, but never wearing it.
Its like smiling, when inside your crying.

But it has to be this way,
So i can live another day.

Im so sorry that you are in the dark,
But he was the one that left a mark.
And i dont think you can.
This is all falling apart, my masterful plan.

Be fair,
I know you care.
I must fair,
Cause you care.

... well, sometimes life isnt fair.

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