Saturday, March 20, 2010

Full of Beauty

As my feet brush the ground i feel like i am walking in a picture.
So wonderful, so perfect, yet flawed.
As the wind kisses my face and my hair blows trailing behind me.
I smile cause it just wonderul.
As i look down in the puddles on the earth, there my shadow is saying hi.
So great, too great, for a person like me.
As i swing my arms and dottle to the music, i look around to see others.
So quaint, im walking in a moving picture.
As i pass the trees, their character shows me each ones story
Such a long life, i wonder what the trees have seen.
I bet its beautiful.
As i walked home today with the rays of the sun on my skin,
I remember how lucky i am to be where i am.
Beautiful world.

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