Tuesday, March 9, 2010


You are wearing me down, pulling the strings of energy right out of my favorite sweater, just to wear them stiched into yours. You are pulling me tight, grabbing at almost nothing to make it longer, to make it larger than it really is or should be. You are sucking it right out of me, my happy peppy person that is normally me, you are sucking the life right out of me. You are messing with my head, making me think like i really care, but truth is i dont. You are the black hole in my life right now, and i never saw it before, but you are pulling me in close so that you can hurt me. You need to release me from your grasp cause as pretty as you are, your power is taking myself away from me. You make me annoyed. You kill my good mood, just from the constants and vowels you spit at me, all to make yourself feel better. I am tired of pretending like it doesnt hurt, or like i didnt take it to heart, but its hard when you constantly eat at any weakness you see.

You are a monster eating and tearing, streching, bending, bullying me, playing with my head, all to make you feel like a better person. But too bad i see that you are weak, that you enjoy the sad place you sulk in. That dark cave you live in, you monster you. It gets you pitty it gets you attention, that one thing you thrive for... Its sad, i see it clear as day and i have tried to say that you are living there in a dark fortess, but you refuse to believe it. You are a monster in your den doing your monsterous things to me, messing with my mind, to make you believe you live in a mansion. You are killing me, my enrgy, and self confidence too. I cant help but feel like i only talk to you cause, you need me too, but in the end, its killing me. I hate the place i have been in, brusied and beaten by your words... you say they arent true you monster you, but i know you say the words you feel. I will not be brought down to your level, i will not live in a cave like you do, sulking and sucking anything you can see. I wont lie to myself if im not okay, cause i will not be a monster... Maybe these words are a bit harsh, but they are true, i am so fed up with you, and you cant even see it cause you think everything revolves around you, sucking me dry, wearing my emotions on your sleve, just cause you can, and you dont really care about how i feel... Monster.

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  1. WHO is this PERSON!??!?! Have no fear, Steffany, I will handle him/her. She/he will go down for treating my friend like this. Psh. Give me the name and they will disappear. Haha... No, but seriously. WHO IS THIS?!