Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blast from the Past

I found some poems i had forgotten about and well, here they are.
Old and true, i write what i feel, and i like these old ones :)

To whomever doesn’t know me
I hope you see me now.
Perky, bright and blonde
Making everyone think wow.
Me being happy

To whomever doesn’t know me
I hope you are what you want.
Living your fullest dreams
Succeeding your every thought.
With your life being happy

To whomever doesn’t know me
I hope that someday we will meet
So I can help you through trials
And both our lives complete
Oh how happy our lives will be

To whomever doesn’t know me
I hope that you will love the person that you see
Looking back at you Happening to be me.
I Take It Like A Warrior
I take it like a warrior when I head off to the war.
My tired angry soul wanting answers more and more.

I have a fear of letting out those words I long to say.
Cause saying them I’m scared and fear that you may go away.


I take it like a warrior when I head off to the war.
Saving us, that’s what I am doing that is what I’m fighting for.

I have no voice I cannot express the war cry that I wish to yelp.
But someone teach me I don’t know how! Someone someone help!

I take it like a warrior when I head off to the war
And all those awkward silent times that pierce me to the core.

I have no visibility cause you cannot see me as I am,
all my emotions flooding out over this built up dam.

And I just keep taking it like a warrior…

But even warriors come around and strong ones fall to the ground.

And when I do,
The brave warrior will have to be you.
And you’ll have to build up the strength
To find the Armor that you’ve been hiding.
To keep up
This war
This war
This war
That I’ve been fighting.

Together we can fight side by side and I will keep on waiting.
But every moment that I wait, our chances slowly fading.

And I take it like a warrior…
Cause that is what I have become.
Imaginary Conversation
Cry baby girl cry.
I’m sorry for what I didn’t say
As you cry baby girl
I want to take your pain away.

What I did was wrong
And my path of redemption may be long
But you are so worth it to me.
I am as sorry as I can be.

Cry baby girl cry.
Ill be your shoulder to lean on
And as you cry baby girl
I will stay with you until the dawn.

Please forgive me, it wont happen again.
I only wish for it to be how it has been.
Cause it hurts me to see you sad
For what I have done… I feel so bad.

Cry baby girl cry.
Cause those words have not been said.
And as I cry baby girl
They just keep on playing in my head.
I wish that today would be the day,
when those types of things,
are the things you actually say.
Life is a road.
So many places it can take you.
Some are long and boring.
Others are short and exciting.
The place that you are going is set in stone.
How and when you get there is unknown,
But that wont stop you cause your traveling anyways.
You can choose to be bothered
By the stops that come your way
Or you can see them and use them to understand the best way for you to go.
You can comprehend what is going on around you.
If you travel fast on the road you may miss the beauty passing you by.
It is dangerous and reckless
Not giving you anything in return.
On the other hand, if you travel slowly
You will see the signs that are directing you,
You will see the beauty all around you.
Letting you be at peace.
Letting you be safe and happy.
But even when traveling slowly, roadblocks will come.
The road always needs improvement
But don’t let them stop you in your travel.
All you have to do is find the right way around your block, because you still have somewhere important to go.
Empty Shelves
Give your knowledge to those around you,
Everyone wants it and everyone needs it.
Serious and funny, dramatic and light.
Tell them what they want to hear.
How everything will work out just right.
Be the thing they need and search for.
Inspire them, fill them with dreams.
Take them to places they never thought of.
Be the missing pieces they need.
They grow from what they find from you,
Grow from what they read.
I feel like i have become
the bookcase needed from everyone.
So teach me your ways.
Now that, that is who i am.
I love to share my knowlege
I love to give a laugh
To share my books on my shelves.
But i cant give every page of me
Cause what more will i have left?
Books keep coming off the shelf,
Tearing pages here and there.
But a book lacks to come back.
How can i spread my knowledge
if No one returns what i have given out?
I do not mind to be one,
Although my case is getting empty,
I dont mind cause i can help someone.
I wish though that the books rented out
Would get returned once in awhile.
I want to spread what i can give but,
If i have no books left,
No pages to share,
No new stories,
Or things to bare.
Then i have to stock up my shelves again,
From scatch.
For those readers who just keep on checking out.
I want to be that book case for everyone else
To be the bookcase i had once been.
But it is hard when nothing comes back.
So please,
Ask yourself,
What have you checked out?
And most importantly,
From what you have read,
From what you have grown
Have you given a story back?
Has a book been returned?
Poetry, my secret passion pulls me through and i am so glad that i found these today

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