Friday, January 22, 2010

A Reply

The universal truth, that thing that manages to always sneek into someones life. That one thing that everyone feels at some point. The one thing that people do anything for. The one thing that people crave, need, long for, want more than air itself. What explains murder, betrayal, lies, hurt and pain. But it also explains the happiest people the sweet inocence of the smiling face. It explains the growing populaion and families. This thing is more powerful then greed, lust, revenge and hatred. Love. This extremely powerful thing, is love.

This four letter word has caused so much...
Without it, no one would ever excell at anything.
A feeling of dull would crowd all our minds.
So i am greatful for this four letter word love.
My friend, asked what is love?
A reply.

Love is the deepest feeling that a person can feel.
Love makes you function in life,
Love makes your dreams become real.
Love is a feeling of absoute caring,
A feeling of kindness, loyalness.
Love is acting on what others need,
Its sacrificing good for something better.
Love is willing to do what is best for a situation.
Love causes pain and hurt, but in the end
it works out because it was felt in the heart.
Love is being interested in what other have to say.
Without another thought you would help them.
Love is giving and caring a sharing.
Love is listening to what others need and what others see.
Love is making yourself better.
Love is expanding your heart.
Letting others in and not letting go of them. Ever.
Love forces you to do hard things somtimes
But it shows that it is true.
Real love is not a physical relation, it is doing what is best for everyone.
Talking to them when they need comfort.

Love can hurt sometimes because,
Love is protecting,
And you may have to take some blows but,
The power of love,
That most powerful thing,
Makes all the pain tollerable because you do love.

To me love is understanding.
Love is amazing.
Love is work, and tears and so many thoughts.

But to me the truth is, love can never be written out,
Cause it is different for everyone.
So love is what you feel no matter what.

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