Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wind in my Feathers

There is a place far far away.
Where the clouds are fluffy and white.
There is some work but mostly a ton of play.
No one bickers or even wants to fight.
Would you take me to that place tonight?

I would take off my dantey sunflower dress
And kick off my shiney red flats.
Mess up my room until it was the worlds biggest mess.
Own thirty seven siamese cats.
Could you take me to this place perhaps?

Cause i need to escape somewhere
Somewhere anywhere as long as its not here.
I need to breath and relax
A place i dont have to worry about leaving tracks.
I need to retreat from all the thoughts whirling around in my head
Cause i am so particularly tired of crying in my bed.

Look at that little bird flying in the sky,
Twirling and spinning
Diving and chirping.
So free
So wonderful.
I want that to be me.
So would you please take me to this place far far away
So far far away.
Cause i want to be the bird in the breeze today,
And thats the only place that will let me be
A little bird soaring in the breeze.

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