Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My heart will wait. But will it really?

i cant help but write when something is on my mind.

songs inspire.
songs compliment my feelings and emotions.
they have always matched like that with you too...

So now i wonder,
would you change like this song suggests?
Would you do as it proposes...
I mean after all, you were the one to show it to me....
You push push push,
and i sorta want it too,
just because i aim to please you,
and love to see you smile,
but, the truth is its not what i want.
not what i need.
The smile on your face costs a frown apon mine.
You took me and shook me into a whirlwind before
and now, i am scared i can feel the breeze.

Please dont do this to me...
Please please please...
babe, for me...
After all you were the one that dedicated the song to me.

and i sit and wait, like the song says, but you aren't waiting...

When will you wait?

cause i need time to sit and think and ponder what is best for me...

My heart needs you to wait.
My heart will wait for you.

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