Saturday, January 2, 2010

Torched Myself, Yet I Smile As i Burn

My dear we are slow dancing in a burning room,
Here we go once again.

The sparks started when our lips first touched.
I know you felt that too.
The heat started, and you and i warmed eachother.
That felt good remember

I had been so cold, but when you and i met, we started to thaw
You had been frozen, frozen in time,
Frozen from your feelings from everything around you.
But that spark lit an amazingly strong fire.
A fire that warmed my heart
My soul my life.
It warmed yours too.
Your heart your soul and your life as well.
That ice that had formed around you melted off your shoulders
And it showed me who you truly were.
That handsome figure
Without that block of ice around you.

That spark started so much and i know it only grew
Cause our feelings acted as the kindel
The feul to this fire we had started together.
And every time another drop of water fell to the floor
Our flame just grew.
Unquenchable fire.
Such a wonderful bright beautiful fire.
That fire warmed you and it warmed me.

We are holding eachother tight cause of this fire
All from that one little spark that started all this

My dear we are slow dancing in a burning room...

those words made me think.

i will not cry about it.

Cause the fact is, we started the fire.
With that one little spark.
And that song implies that everything is falling,
I have been thinking...

We started this beautiful wonderful warming fire.
One that thawed us out,
One that shows us limits that brings me warmth and you too.
This fire has kept us from freezing again.
Because of its power.
The amazing unquenchable power.

It may be burning this room down but it has kept me warm
Im slow dancing in your arms
With the flame that we started surrounding us

As it burns down the room,
It grows.
And it shows.
That those two people slow dancing in the middle of the burning room
Started something strong
That this flame will never go out.


My dear we're slow dancing in a burning room
But i smile cause i know what it shows
You and i warm and thawed completely.
My dear we're slow dancing in a burnig room.

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