Sunday, January 17, 2010

Four leaf Clover

There is a part of me that screams inside,
That giggles and wiggles everytime.
Inside my little frame i wonder how i got to be such a lucky
Lucky lucky little girl.
I never believed in the rabbit foot
Or the four leaf clovers but maybe now i do.
Cause i have become the luckiest person.
There is a part of me that laughs inside,
That smiles and loves so much.
Inside my little head i think think think so much and wonder
I wonder what i did
To become so lucky.
I am a lucky little gal,
Not bragging at all cause i didn't choose this fate that has come
This just swept me off my feet,
Blew me away.
Cause i cant help but feel lucky today.
Ah i am just lucky i guess.
And it is all because of you.

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