Wednesday, January 20, 2010

. : . : . : .

A predictable pattern.

Same ride over and over again.

Almost scheduled out.


As predictable as a pattern.

Ha ha i can help but laugh at what i do,

Too bad the laughter is to cover up the pain.

It keeps happening the same way.

And to be quite honest,

Im tired.



A race that never ends.

That feels like my life right now...

Stop complaining steff...

Shut up.

So i do, and i put on a happy face.

Too much information.

I want to be little again, when life was unpredictable.

When i could do things without worry.

When words were so much different.

Shelter i want shelter.

I need to break this pattern.

Get away from myself.

Be someone else.

Someone better.

Break the pattern

That spins me around and makes me sick.

So sick,

So tired,

So predictable.

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