Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Melted Blue Sky

On the edge of a cliff, the wind kisses my face. My hair gracefully dances across my skin. Looking at the endless possiblities, pondering what makes me me. The suns rays warm me like a blanket in winter. Warmth even with the wind. My ten little toes dangle off the edge of the cliff, kicking my legs back and forth i wait. I wait in the comfortable position for it to happen, for the day when everything comes together. The sun keeps moving along the blue stained sky.Laying on my back i admire the clouds and shapes around me, how everything works in harmony. Someday that will be me. Melt me into the scene. I want to be a piece of this scene. Make me like the white fluffy clouds that spin in the sky or the wind that brushes the ground. Maybe even the sun that kisses the earth with its love. Paint me across the clouds for the sunsets colors. Make me the tall grass that dances in the wind, or the stream that flows through and off the cliff. Make me a part of peace. Melt me into the scenery.

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