Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Disposition

Dont feel bad for me.

Really i mean it.
I dont want it.

But thank you though.
I know how complainy i have been. Aweful. i know. and i hate it too.
But everyone knows those times when all you can feel is gravity.
Luckily i Have had a monumental thought...
Im on a cloud. Just thinking.
Taking all this in, the smell is sweet.
Surprisingly sweet.

Thank you everyone here to support me.
Thank you to everyone who has givin me a whole harty smile
A genuine compliment, a lift in the coldest of cold.

Thank you family. How i love you guys. More than my life.
We are so blessed. So blessed. I am so lucky to have you.

Most importantly though
Thank you girl. My angel

I hope you realize how great you are for me.
You always raise my spirts. Everytime you inspire me.
Angel Im sorry i've been so negative.
Its not really me. You know that. And i am sorry.
You are the example i have always needed.
I am sorry i must explain myself
Its just that lately its seemed too right to be in the blues
Washed on the shore barely alive...
i know that is no excuse but its what i have felt.
But i dont want it anymore. Not me no thanks. My feelings have adjusted.

A new start please.
Kinda like yours. But not as drastic my dear.
So here i am giving it to me.
I wont stop till ive found it.
You are an amazing gift to me. Honestly.
I love you so much
More than my words can even express.
I wont stop till its over i will not stop until i am me.

Here i come world.
Negative no more.
Sweet Dispostion....
I owe you big time.
Everything seems alright.
Only goning to get better.

And to be quite honest i am excited for this new.
Angel you are always here with me. I Thank you.

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  1. Steffany, i'm so glad i found your blog...
    your writing is beautiful,