Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disgusting Being

So there is a problem in this little life i call mine,
A contention i wish that wasnt in it.
I have an enemy.
And well to be quite honest
I hate her dearly.

The things she does are all wrong,
SO not what i would do.
What goes through her head?
Does she have a heart?
What is wrong with her....
I have no idea but i do know that
With every ounce of me,
I hate her dearly.

She obviously cannot see what she does to hurt others
And even though she may want good
She can never really stand her ground.
One person can sway her rather easily
And i just cant understand...
What she really wants is never most important...
That doesnt even make sense...
But i do know,
That i hate her dearly.

She just bothers me all the time,
But i cant seem to get her out of my head,
Which just drives me insane!
Ah she needs some serious help
And you know what?
You know,
I hate her dearly.

I bet if she really pursued she could do
What she really wants to do.
But there is always that one thing that can stop her
from fighting that dream, from doing what she believes.
Gosh i just cant stand this girl....
And you want to know what i hate most about her?

i hate that she is me.

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