Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fire and Brimstone

I did it because i needed to. So dont you get mad. You did this to me, put me through it and then you werent there for me once again. So i wondered why im sticking around. You did this to me and now i have to heal myself cause you come short, although you try. The situations sticky i understand that. I really do. But it forced me to say goodbye. Cause that would be best for me. Something i often overlook but not this time. It was right. Or at least i hope so. "i've been through hell and back for you steff!" I believe that too, what your going through cant be easy either, but you did that to yourself and dragged me along for the ride placing me in hell too and even though your trying to help me out, its not enough, im still burning here, so im finding someone else who will have the power to help me out. Im sorry that this is how it has to be. Maybe if we both find our way out and get some space between us, we could bump into eachother along the traveling road someday. But not any time soon, cause as happy as you make me right now, you, after all, were the one that put me in hell, and that is hard to forget, when im still buring inside.

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