Monday, December 7, 2009

Prickled Journey

Sick of darkness,
Show me the light,
Im on the path of redemption
Pulling my feet under my body
My heavy body.
Sick of the negative
So im looking for positive
Pulled out my map and
Im headed for the treasure
Had to leave some things behind
Cause i cant carry them on this path
But ill come back for them if i need
After my treasure is found
My treasure is important to me
Cause it will be the first thing in a while
Ill have found something for me
Im leaving this all behind
Pushing through this no matter what
Im sick and tired of being stopped
By the things that have come my way
So nothings stopping me from finding
My long forgotten treasure.
Nothing is gonna stand in my way
Im finding this treasure
So i can find me.

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