Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paying for Nothing

Its not worth its stupid ups and downs.
So happy, then so sad
I need a new start
Its not worth this crazy roller coaster ride.
One day everything is fine,
The next a new situation sits in front of me.
I need out
Its not worth all this pain and hurt.
Tugging pulling shaking and sighing
I need someone new.
Its not worth what you have put me through
I keep asking myself why i stay
I need to just tear myself away.
Its not worth all the gallons of tears i have shed
One second i am happy but if you arent neither am i
I need to escape, try something new.
Its not worth all the painful thoughts you have given me
How i have to always be so strong for you
I need you too be stronger.
Its not worth all the guilt i have
Sorry for anything, cause happy is how i want you
I need to realize what im doing to me.
Its not worth the neglect that i have been given
I need you to realize that you have to treat me better
Or Its not worth it to me,
To continue to strain my head and everything i have
With everything i have left of me to keep this fragile situation
From breaking once again.

Maybe that would be good for me.

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