Sunday, December 13, 2009


Im checked into a hospital,
Im laying on this soft bed realizing
That i really do need help.
So i will just sit here and wait for my meds to kick in
For the spirit to flood into my body
For my legs to start working like they had before
And my arms to become strong once again, and hold some weight.
But for right now, im recovering.
Although those things i want to do cant happen now
They will soon cause,
I will stay here in this bed until im better.
Completely better.
Cause i may not really like the room that i sit in all lonely and plain,
But Its helping me. It is. So i will sit here and wait for myself to heal.
Do what it takes cause im done wandering
Wandering on those dirty city streets sick, just making me sicker and sicker.
No more sitting in the dirt hoping i will heal,
Cause it only makes it worse.
So im here in my hospital bed healing properly.
So i can be that person i truely want to be.

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