Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unexpected Sightseeing

116 - 101
Im scared at what is happening,
I looked down and its so much different.
Mountains across my skin.
Where did i go?

116 - 101
And i am scared of how low that number will go
Cause i didnt even realize,
So how do i stop it
Where did i even go?

116 - 101
Im scared so scared.
The numbers go down as the bottle numbers go up
So now what?
Where do i go?
The same place 15 went?

116 - 101
And im scared of where im going,
Bottle after bottle
One after the next,
Those candies just slide right down my neck.

116 - 101
And im not even me,
Mountains and valleys where plains are supposed to be
Blue after green after white after yellow,
It doesnt really matter what order
They all go inside this screwed up geography
But really that low already?
116 - 101
And i keep asking
Where did i go?

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