Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soft Strings and Tender Moments

There will always be a special place there for you,
One that can never be replaced.
My acoustic lover.
No matter what song it is i will think of you. Always.
Hey love,
Whenever i feel sad, i think of you. Play that song close to my heart.
Just a bit of joy floods back in,
The strings played match the strings that play my heart,
Soft tender emotional feelings and words.
I love them, they remind me of what i fell in love with.
That soft tender lover, acoustic.
Notes and rhymes flood in my head making me feel this peace
That same peace you gave me,
So no matter what happens now,
You will always be there. Always.
My acoustic lover, offering some peace into my life.
My acoustic love, i forever love you.

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