Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you Angel

Realization took my cold broken hand
Warmed it up,
And even though my hand was warm,
It stayed with me.
I thank my god for who he sent to me,
When will i be able to return the warmth
That has been shared with me?
Somehow you pierce my soul with those words of yours,
And warm me from the inside out.
Im amazed at how i got to be so lucky
I have an angel here on earth with me.
A beautiful, wise, intellegent, angel.
She inspires me
She makes me smile
She can bring me thoughts i would have never known
She holds me tight
She listens when i need
She is always there for me.
My angel i want to be,
I look up to her more than i can even say.
She is a gift from above and now i sorta see
Why my life had to get challenged...
It is so that i could get my angel, my angel i love so much.
But how can i return the miracles she has brought to me?
I dont really know,
But im going to think long and hard,
And never give up until i find how
Cause she diserves the best of the best treatment
The best of the best reward
The best of the best life
The best of the best husband
The best of the best kids
The best of the best everything
For helping me the way she has.
I love you angel, i love you so much,
I will be here for you if ever you need.
Cause that is all i can really offer, for the time being.

I have an angel here on earth with me,
Who i love so very much...
I have an angel here on earth with me...
And i call this beautiful girl, lexi.
Thank you Angel

1 comment:

  1. im speechless.
    thank you, thank you so much. thank you, a million times thank you.
    you are infinite steffany bird.
    im crying, happy tears.
    i needed this. i need you.
    i love you.