Sunday, December 13, 2009

Set in Stone

Im reaching for things that will always be there.
Im reaching higher and higher,
My fingers out stretched
Muscles tendons and bones strained just reaching.
My body reaching for consistancy
Longing for something that will stay
That will not ever change.
Bring some peace to my mind.
My fingers find somethings in there attempts...

One plus one will always be two,
No matter what that sky will always be blue.
My dog will always lick my face
To fix things you must embrace
Love will always be around
I dont have to look too far til its found.
In the winter it will snow
The wind will always blow
Water will always be wet
Nothing in life is set.
My brother will always be here
With him i have no need to fear.
Babies will be born everyday
Another person will die today.
The sun will go down
The moon will phase until completely round.
Food will keep you alive
To get anywhere you must strive
My parents will always love me
Fishes will always swim in the sea.
True friends will stick with you
My gospel it true.
Gravity will bring you down

My fingers are grasping these things
Cause they will never change.
They will never get the opportunity to hurt me
No matter what i can look at that list and know they will be true.
My fingers are holding them tight cause
They will always be true.
So no matter what happens and what will change
They will always be true.
Consistancy. Finally.

Jaclyn, thank you.
You inspired me.
I know you will never leave and i love you for that.

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