Friday, November 6, 2009

Achilles Tendon

I always thought that i was a strong one,
One that doenst really care about what others think,
What others do,
Always thought i was a strong one...
Hard times stand right in front of my face,
I am not an iron person,
Maybe on purpose,
Maybe not intentional,
But i do know that i always thought i was a strong person,
This just brought me down,
Or maybe more,
Brought me to realization,
The regular is gone,
The always is now not forever,
And i have to deal,
I always thought i was a strong person,
I still am but this must be my weak spot,
This? i thought i wanted it...
I really do, But wow, I realize how weak i am,
And what do i do when i realize how weak i really am?
Making me weak in the knees cause of what he is making me see,
And i dont want to see it... But, i do at the same time.
Gosh! i want it, its just more hard than i thought it would be,
To see him not standing next to me,
But another girl.
My regular is gone,
My always is now not forever anymore,
I will be strong but i have to learn,
Learn how to fight my weakness.
But right now my achilles tendon is killing me,
And i always thought i was a strong one.

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