Sunday, November 22, 2009

Farmer And His Seed

A man holds a seed in his big working hands
The seed so small and wonderful to him.
Round and white just like he wants you to be.
The seed. You.

He carries you to his favorite spot to plant
And tucks you into your new home,
Here you will grow,
Here is where you will stay for awhile
Until you are grown and complete.

He visits you everyday wishing you well
And giving you what you need to survive
He gives you all that he can
Water Sun and air,
Soil, a place to stretch your roots
Fertilizer to help you expand and become
Big and strong like he wants.

But there is only so much he can do,
This farmer that has cared for you
Cause the weeds will come along even with his help
And they will attack you, that little seed.
Prevent you from growing and living,
Thriving and giving.
The weeds will always come but,
Little seeds have enough to keep them off
And to grow big and strong just like the man wanted.

The man continues to return everyday giving you what you need
Waiting for the day when the seeds overrule the weeds
Patiently waiting for the day when you are grown and ready
Ready to face the world.
And to be what he had always wanted you to be
A pure white little seed, grown to be a beautiful strong colorful flower.

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