Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude Turkey

When did it become bad to say thank you to someone, when did it become acceptable to not say it at all? Americans suffer from a serious issue, ingratitude. Thanksgiving really brings out the good in us… But it lasts a short time, one or two holiday seasons. When we are right back to our old ingatifying ways. I want to try and make gratitude more than just a seasonal thing, I want to make it everyday thing… Think about it. We have so much to be grateful for….

I am grateful for a wonderful family that cares for me, and will help me through any hard time I have. Have you ever thought of haw many people have lost their family… or don’t have a family that even cares about them?
I am grateful for a nice bed, to sleep in and to keep me warm, there are so many people in this world that have never even seen a mattress like I sleep in every single night..
I am thankful for a working healthy body, one that I can move around in and love, one that doesn’t restrict me or restrain me.
I am thankful for the food that I have to eat, for all the many different kinds for all the wonderful tastes and flavors. For all the textures and sizes, varieties galore yummy to fill my tummy.
I am so grateful for music that I can listen to, and fill my head with melodies and powerful words.
I am thankful for the computer that I sit at, and all the other modern technologies that just sit waiting for me to use them.
I am so thankful for the shoes on my feet and how they protect me from the cold hard ground.
I’m grateful for the clothes on my back to keep me safe and protected.
I am so glad to have a loving puppy that will lick my face and feet, just because I am home.
I am thankful for the education that I have received and for the knowledge that I know.
I am grateful for the school that I attend, for all the spirit it holds and enthusiasm for itself.
I am grateful for the car that I get to sit in as it takes me from place to place, saving me miles of travel by feet.
I am thankful for the neighborhood I live in, for all the kind people that surround me saying hi when I get home.
I am so grateful for that comfy chair I have sitting next to my desk.
I am thankful for the heating and air conditioning in my house to make sure I am always comfortable.
I am glad to live in Provo Utah, sheltered as it is, I love the people and the feelings I get when I come back after a trip. It is such a wonderful place.
I am thankful for the electricity that runs my house when it becomes dark and scary.
I am so thankful for the friends that I have, and how they build me up when I get down.
I am grateful for the gift of love that I have received, from just about everyone.
I am thankful for the presence of those who keep me happy.
I’m grateful for that smile that sits on his face knowing that he is happy.
I am thankful for pictures that capture memories in my life and make it worth remembering.
I am so thankful for the church I have in my life, for the power of prayer, and for my big brother who I always know will be there for me.
I am so grateful for the job that my daddy has, keeping us closer than ever, and letting us live the way we do.
I am thankful for clean water and a place to take a shower,
I am grateful for cleaning supplies, that keep away the gunk and germs.
I am thankful for the medicines that keep others and me strong alive and on track.
I am so grateful for doctors who have studied what they have to help us with what we need.
I am so thankful for loud bright cities that bring my soul excitement and pleasure.
I am grateful for the peace and quiet of silent and being solitaire.
I am grateful for the contacts resting atop my eyes to make everything clear to make this world seem so real.
I am thankful for lasting relationships that never grow old or go away.
I am so thankful for writing, and letting all my feelings out, my one place to be whomever I want.
I am grateful for quotes, that share a simple quick but powerful meaning, bring importance rear to me.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to live in the United States for all the freedoms that we have and all the good things it gives us.
I am grateful for the art that hangs up on the walls to inspire create and uplift me.
I am so grateful for speech and communication.
I am thankful for the world I live on and the world that will be.
I am just so grateful for everything around me, and everything I see.
And yet, it’s still not enough.
We all struggle with gratitude but try a little? And I promise if you try it doesn’t waste any time. It helps more than hurts. And you can never be grateful, thankful, and glad enough for all that you have. We are all so blessed to have what we do. To be given what we have, to know all that we do. We are all so blessed. So blessed, so where does this ingratitude come from? I think it is from the sheer bitter truth of, we don’t even remember that everything we have, someone else doesn’t. And just because we are who we are, it should just be given to us? Huh… I don’t know exactly but I do know that we can never ever be too grateful. So in honor of this thanksgiving season I wrote a few of those things I am grateful for, and I hope that you do the same. I want to use them as the stuffing for this feast coming soon and fill everyone with the gratitude we should already have. Ah well try it if you want, I am not a person to tell you what to do, but Gratitude is a beautiful thing, which can be very filling. Trust me I’m stuffed!

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