Monday, November 2, 2009

Purpose of Life?

What is the meaning of it?
I guess it depends on who you ask,
I believe have no idea,
I know.
Life is here for you,
The old lady down the street,
The little dog you care for,
The neighbor across the street,
Life is here for the garden you tend,
For the songs you sing
For the dreams you dream.
Life is here to make us Stronger
To make us grow
To give us friends
To laugh
To live
To love...
Life is here to Live!
Live with a purpose,
Life is here!
Life is Now!
Life is here to support
To build
To Inspire
Life is not just a waste of time,
So why waste what you have been given?
Do something with it!
YOU are here for a reason,
You are living to give others reason to live,
You make a Difference to those around you,
You live to help
You live to give
You live to serve
You live to live!
Live to Love
Live to Laugh
Live to know the little things
Live to see the Happiness all around you
Live to see the sadness
Live to get stronger.
Live to know the hurt
Living to know this wonderful world
What does it mean?
To me
Life means
A chance to change someone elses.

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