Saturday, November 7, 2009

Judge, Boy and Jury

The Boy, stands before the judge and jury, tears streaming down his freckled face. His chocolate colored eyes covered by his eye lids, as he waits for what is about to happen. His body shaking his pulse racing, he is anticipating... in the Silence. What will they say what will they do? Do they believe him? Can they see what he is willing to do? Is he going to be faced with a life of nothing because of what he did? Will he be able to live like he has for much longer? What is going to happen, what is going to be said. All those thoughts running around in his head. Ashamed, he knows he's where he desirves to be.

The judge in the Large oak seat, looks down at the boy with compassion. The tears on the boys face give him an insight, a look into the closed eyes. The judge can see how he is so sorry. So sorry for what he has done, he feels so aweful for everything that has taken place. The judge looks around and sees the one person who came to see the conviction, the one lonely person. Crying. Waiting to see, waiting to see what will come to be, The judges heart breaks, she is so hurt.

The Jury, in there own oak seats stare down the crying boy. Each one knowing their own vote will contribute to his fate. They decide what to do to him. Not one believes him, no one can share what they think now. The vote has been cast and the moment approaching... The boy with the freckles sits so still, paralyzed by the suspense. The hardest looking man stands up to tell his fate. The hard man looks at the one person in the courtroom, She is so sad. Why is she alone the thought popped in his head. As he looks down at the paper that reads the word "guilty" he smiles and cant wait to see this boy suffer. The boy opens his eyes, red and puffy, what will happen?


The boy, silent, looks back at the one spectator, forgive me screaming in his eyes. She breaks down and begins to cry... but not cry because he is gone but because, no one gave him a chance.

She stands, raises her hand, the judge saying "speak" she opens her mouth,

"Who are we to sit here and look at this boy? Yes there is obvious fault, there was obvious pain but, since when is that reason to lock him up? When is that reason... For something like this? NO! It is not right! So all of you hypocrites tell me you have never hurt someone! Tell me when you have never gone wrong! Tell me that you have never lied! But yet you stand here today, sending this boy away for the same things you have done yourself. Stand here and tell me you will follow this boy, the boy who is willing to face consequence, into the dark cell you want to send him to. Tell me and of course i would have to follow him too. You, Him, me, we are all at fault... Everyone of us guilty in some way or another. But why do you get to judge him when you are the exactly the same? Why?"

Silence filled the court room and the judges eyes filled with tears, he said " This girl is very wise, we are setting him free. Case dismissed." And with that, the court room emptied. The boy feel to his knees. And the girl picked him up, the jury left the stand and the room was empty... Althought it was silent as everyone walked out, those words that one girl said were ringing in there ears...

She was right and everyone knew it, we have no place to judge, we are all at fault, no one is perfect and we all need a break sometimes, would you harshly judge someone like that, when that is who you are too? But most of all in the end, it is not the judging of the people that choose what happens to the defendant... it is the judge, the judge above all of us. He gets the final word in wether the person is free or gets sent away... everyone left a different person.

And that is the story of the Judge, Boy and the Jury.

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