Monday, November 9, 2009

Note of my Soul

Ahhh music,
How I love you!
You always seem to understand exactly how i feel,
You always seem to know what to say,
When to talk,
What to talk about,
You always play my emotions
Like you know where i have been,
Like you have been there too,
You make it feel like i am not alone,
You are always there to comfort me,
Oh music you are such a great friend,
You listen to what i feel and turn it into something real,
Ah music i love you, i love you alot.
Thanks for all you do :)

Bands i Really feel are my best of friends,
Death Cab
One Rebuplic
The Cab
GooGoo Dolls
The Fray
Dashboard Confessional
The Killers
The Police
Joe Brooks
Kate Nash
Ben Folds
Regina Spektor
Relient K
Thanks guys i always know i can turn to you.
And that you will always be there to say what i need to hear.
Without ya i have no idea who i would be, honest.

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