Friday, November 13, 2009

Sad Truth

Gravity is a strange thing,
Without this gravity,
I think life would be pleasent
Wonderful, joyous.
Gravity you may say...
Yes i am talking about
The gravity that most people seem to have...
Making everyone around them fall down.
Come down.
It makes me sick,
And i cannot believe why.
Why you cause hurt.
The gravity i speak of are the words spit out,
Out of those black lips.
The actions you do with your tied down body.
The looks you give with the holes where your eyes are.
You need everything to evolve around you,
So you create your own gravity?
You need to feel special... so you create your own,
Your own gravity, that kills others?
But hey it makes you happy...
So what could be wrong, right?
No, your gravity is leathal.
You need people to see you so,
You insult and lie?
Huh, good idea.
But once again you are the center needed
Needed for this gravity of yours.
Everyone see me everyone, come on...
Sad mostly because you dont see...
You dont see your effects that cause others hardships.
And how your gravity is more like chains
That bind and break people down.
Gosh it makes me so sad...
Because you lack selfesteem you cause
Black holes of gravity.
Because your gravity is selfishness.
And your sucking things and people in,
Because you dont give out.
You cant see the whole picture...
So ya, great idea.
Go create some gravity for you,
And bind other people to you...
Ruin there lives without even knowing.
But hey you are the center, you are gravity.
So you dont even know you hurt anyone.

1 comment:

  1. I want you to know that this is my favorite poem that you have ever ever ever written. thank you for expressing my thoughts and feelings better than i ever could have you are the most amazing person i know, because you see the whole picture. thank you for being so wonderful.