Tuesday, November 10, 2009

False Beauty

Masquerade paper faces on display,
Dance around all faces covered today,
Beautifully decorated and extravagantly dressed,
Dresses and suits spinning, looking there best.
Hair Brushed back with ringlets and curls
Every man faunning over those girls.
Let down the act and take down your hair,
If you did that, would you care?
The answer is yes,
Or at least that is my guess....
I bet if you take off that mask,
The men would be afraid to ask,
Terrified at what they see beneath
At what is hidden underneath,
Vile,Ugly, Pomis, faces,
Beauty hidden, everything replaces.
Hiding behind your false you,
Did you expect to find a love thats true?
Sad that is what you thought,
Because girls in masks always get caught.
Try if you want
But for me i would rather flaunt,
My natural face,
Cause that always wins this ongoing race.
Who is beatiful and charming?
The clear answer is not alarming.
The real people always get chosen first,
They dont have to practice or be rehearsed.
Be real,
Show how you feel.
Who you are is beautiful,
If you dont have to hide it first.

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