Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gobbledogook for You

Sometimes you just have to write,
write like one one is even reading,
like no one cares
You have to write like it is that last day of your life
Say how you REALLY feel
Like you have no other choice...

where am i going with this??
I forgave becasue i love you
I love you more than anything in the earth
Your happiness means more to me than mine
Your smile makes me smile more than anything on this
I feel aweful to know you could be hurt
You might be not as happy as you used to
Hope. hope. hope.
I will be ther for you if you want me to
I need you to need me
I was so used to everything
ever idea everything everything and i wanted it more more more more more more every single day!
Please i beg you, change. Change change for me, i need you to.
I am suffocating here!
A pillow case full of tears and hurt,
Pictures of your face invade my mind!
Go, stay, go, why why why???
I am overreacting, maybe... wait, am i?
i know what i feel, with every part of me i know what i feel,
i want the best, the best for both, for all three,
Where do i go?
Pray some more,
Stuggle through this,
Hardest part of life, ever.
Come on i want it over,
I want everything to be back to the golden times
I need them,
I need you more than i realize...
I thought that it wouldnt be this hard,
But the weight is making me fall and fall hard everynight to my knees
Please please baby baby please,
Babe, Honey, Dear, Angel, One i love,
Change, for me, for you....
For anyone,
Was it real to you too?
Forvinging is important and i have done it,
All i want is you back,
All i want is to tell you,
Tell you what i am writing what i feel.
We were best friends and now we seem like strangers.
All i want is for my dreams, your too, to come true,
Am i just insane am i just being a girl?
Well i have a right dont i?
Everyone around me knows ...
You do crazy things for the deepest desire of your heart.
Would this change anything,
Of course it would... like autmn, my life reflecting change.
But i want yours to be a tree too,
Please turn into a Beautiful oak tree and shed all your old, bad leaves,
Start new, For me... please.
It was real, i know it was, what we felt could not be fake,
When, where, why, GOSH!!!
Trials... All i want is this.
Information keeps coming, everything spinning,
Is it right now? Should i wait longer,
But what if i wait and nothing comes of it...
Emotions gone, and we cant remember.
Im telling myself shut up! SHUT UP...
tear after tear after tear after tear,
i did this, but with your help i suppose.
Happy, i want that.
Normal. i want that.
But i guess you cant always get what you want.
And that is when you
Pray some more.
Hope and dream.

WRite WRITE write.
And hope that maybe you can see,
What you still mean to me.

I just have to write,
Sometimes you just have to write what you feel,
Cause what you feel is real.

That and i feel...
You desirve to know.

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