Sunday, November 15, 2009


Big Brother,
Its me, your little sis... I have been thinking alot about you lately... About all that you did and all that you continue to do. Not for just me, but for everyone. Giving, sharing, lending... You are amazing... thank you. Thank you so much, i cant say it enough. Big brother, you have no idea how much it means to me, to know that you will always be there for me, no matter what. It means so much that you would sacrifice all that you have, for me... To know that no matter how much i mess up you will always be there to help me get back on track...It blows my mind. And i just cant find any words to express how much i owe you... What should i do? How can i make this up to you. I want to show you my love for you by doing something... Tell me. Ill do it. My idea....
I have been thinking, maybe, just maybe, if i just try to be more like you it will equal out. I know that you and me could never be equal but at least i can try... i know that it isnt possible because you have done what i cannot do... you insipire me, you fill my head with ideas and knowledge that i love. You comfort me when i get sad, and you help me to see things clearly... I am so glad to know that i have someone, someone there looking out for me, trying his hardest to help me through this tough life... I couldnt do it alone and i think that is why i have you. You listen to me when i need someone to talk to, you show me the little things in life, the ones that get neglected. You are my hero my idle and i am trying my hardest to be like you... Because i know that when i see you next i want to share with you who i have helped, who i have touched, who i lifted up, who i made happy... just like you. I want to be like you in all that i am. Thank you again brother, you are my best friend. I love you. I Cannot wait to see you, Cannot wait to share with you my stories. I just simply cannot wait.
With lots of love,
Your little sis, Steff

P.S i know it has been awhile since i wrote last but, i am sure that its never too late to talk to you. I know you want my letters no matter what. Cause i know you love me too. Ill do better, cause, that is what you would do.

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