Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

It is just one of those days.
Today is one of those days that you wish will come along, when every thing just seems to go right! Today is just one of those days!
I cant really help it, but i care so much for everyone, Everyone!
And well today i was able to help some people, i was able to share my feelings
Feel like i was making a difference,
I feel so accomplished!
And you know i just love it!
Giving can be so so so so hard for me also,
Sometimes i just cant help but feel like i just give and give and give but no one helps me in return no one gives back to me, and once in a while, it is this day i get!
The day were i forget about giving for one second and get.
I recieve love, recieve care, recieve something back!
And that is when i love what i do most.
When the people i let use me, use me to be able to stand on there own feet, help me to my feet. That is when i know that i am trying and at least once in awhile it works,
And every second of stuggle is worth it.
I love to help everyone, i hate causing contention or pain or sadness,
But today, i Also realized, i cant please every single soul out there...
That is a rediculous goal!
I took time for me today, i needed that, i stopped doing what i thought was right, and focused on me for awhile. Does wonders!
Its just one of those days when even if somethings are falling and falling fast, you can still be happy because you know everything will work out.
Breathing deep not shallow,
Studing not skimming
Singing not humming
Laughing not grinning
Dancing! and not even just dancing but dancing like no one is watching,
even though there is still rain.
Hey i am learning!
And hard times arent through but
today is just one of those days when i realized how to dance in the rain.
Im not letting anything or anyone hold me back anymore!
My chains are free,
Even though i dont mind my chains mostly, cause they bind me to others they keep me there, but Today i broke free i was a fugative,
SO FREE! sweet freedom, my chains of sad broke away.
I was a bird with no more broken wings set out of my cage and i was flying!
Soaring chirping diving and living! living for once without those chains that i have,
Still i like em,
But i decided to keep my chains off,
Cause flying around i can no see that really they arent chains,
they are remember strings,
tied to my fingers
And sometimes the only thing i can see,
But no more! I feel so good i promise to not only see those anymore.
I still will see them, Cause i love them so much But now i will be able to look in the mirrior and see me too!
Ah yes, today was just one of those days,
an Ah Ha day :)

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