Thursday, November 5, 2009

A friend

i have this friend,
they are so very sweet,
they are willing to give,
they think of others,
their personality is larger than life,
and yet,
they are so sad,
Why you may ask?
It is because of what we do,
What we say,
What we pretend,
What we talk about behind there back,
What is judged,
They get so brought down by people they love,
they feel betrayed by family,
And it is all because of what we do.

This friend,
Diserves so much better.

So everyone shut up!
Look at what you do,
Listen to what you say,
Maybe if no one said anything bad,
We would all feel the same.
Lets give it a try,
Cause its not just this one friend,
not only one friend that is hurt.
That friend is everyone.
Constantly we are put down and hurt,
For what?
I dont understand!
Does someone get bored?
Did they steal someone from you?
Whatever the reason,
People still get hurt.
Why? Why? WHY?

We have all been hurt,
You all know how it feels,
So, why do you have to put others
in that same hell-hole?
Does it make you feel better?
that is just sad.
Look at you,
Happiness is everywhere!
Look to that for happy times,
Not making someone else feel bad.
Cause in the long end it never does anything.

So sad,
My friend,
So sad.

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