Friday, November 27, 2009

Small Hand Days

Little tiny hands stretched out looking for a person to hold them,
A place they feel safe,
A wonderful caring being to make them giggle and smile.
Little bitty laughs through a small tiny mouth.
Just a funny look and there whole life is fantastic.
Happiness never far away when your cared for.

Slightly bigger hands crawl along the floor,
Finding many different wonderful things,
Just a shiny thing will make them smile,
Laughter fills the room as it is thrown, then picked up once more.
Happiness found when a new object is, everything is hunky-dory

Growing hands play with a hotwheels car or barbie,
There imagination running wild, along with there legs,
Everything spinning around them,
Candy cookies fun and more,
A new toy satifies the simple little child.
Happiness comes with a smiling doll or fast car.

Bigger hands find a pencil and paper,
Writing little notes back and forth,
Being sneaking and grown up, no one even seeing
On top of the world because they can hide something
Happiness coming from becoming older.

Almost full grown hands reach out for a cell phone
Fasinated by all the lights and sounds
Messages and calls. All the things that you recieve.
Feeling so "in" and no longer childish
Happiness coming from a cell phone and friends.

Full grown hands reach out, for another person
Hoping some other hand will fill in the spaces left on theirs
Wanting to just be independant and important to someone
Happiness coming from somone else.

Full grown hands holding anothers,
Feeling so loved and included feeling so big
Playing around and being flirty
How fun it is to be holding anothers out streched hand,
Happiness coming from a significant other.

Full grown hands sit empty on a lap, wondering.
Why they even wanted, what they once wished would come
So much pain and so much sorrow
Where are the fun good old times when life was happy?
Happiness coming... is it coming?

Full grown hands are wishing they were small
Full grown hands want to be reaching and cared for
Full grown hands want to hold a shiny thing and be happy
Full grown hands want cell phones and friends to do the trick
Full grown hands wish that writing could fix all this pain
Full grown hands wish that they were small
Full grown hands need happiness to come from anything or anyone
Full grown hands with nothing in them want happiness back
And when hands were small, happy was what you were...

I want my small hands back.

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