Saturday, November 21, 2009


Footprints indented in the sand,
I wonder what mine look like,
Are they big and large?
Ones that everyone can see?
Are they small and skinny?
Ones that get stepped upon by others?

I wonder what i am leaving behind
I wonder what shape my feet have come to be
Are they easily washed away when the water
of the shore comes across,
Or do can they take a few sweeps until they are lost?

I wonder what footprint is mine
I wonder if my footprint looks like everyone elses
If my footprint is any different,
Or maybe it is just the same

I wonder if my footprint is one that everyone looks at?
If they could step inside and get in my track
I wonder weither my print can hold any one elses
Or maybe just my own.

I wonder if my prints are like anothers
Or if i stepped on another print to have mine
I wonder if mine where right
I wonder if they are wrong

I wonder that with what i am walking what it become.
Will it be a print walked apon?
I wonder if my feet can grow if they are small,
I wonder when i can know the prints i have actually left
If they are good or maybe bad....
I wonder wonder wonder wonder!
I want to see these prints!
But i cant see them.....

Cause no one leaves visual tracks, on what and how they have imprinted.

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