Sunday, November 29, 2009

Running Water

Every tear is another drop in the bucket.
And i wonder if you can see the flood.
Cause the buckets over flowed and its turned into a pool.
Do you know that you are the one that turned on the tap
Connected it to the hose and then left.
Do you know that its you?
Im drowing in my own tears
That you unknowingly truned on.
What a way to die,
What a way to stuggle through life,
But you probably dont even know what you have done to me,
My life is 10 tons of weight
And you dropped me in a pool of tears,
Drowing drowning slowly as the water seeps inside me,
There isnt a life guard on this pool side so deeper i go,
Farther away from reality and the world that i love so much.
I hate this so much, more than anything,
And then i look at your face and well,
I cant say it.
I wont say it.
I dont say it.
That you hurt me so bad
And how i am struggling
Every single day with everything i do.
How i am trying to swim in this pool of hurt
This pool of betrayal and trust issues
Why cant i just spit it out
And tell you what you did.
Make you turn it off
Stop the water from flooding everything
Have it all be gone?
Cause well,
The tap handle broke
There is no way to stop the water that has been running
I cant drag you into this pool to struggle next to me
That would hurt me even more
And it would make you hurt too
So i keep my words to myself as i desend
Into the pool of tears that i have cried,
To save you from drowning too...
All because I love you.

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