Monday, November 23, 2009

Hopeless Shoulder

Babe I wish I there was something else I could do,
Other than just be there for you.
If I had the power in my tiny little hands to take it all away,
I would've done it yesterday.
If I could lift this burden from off your shoulder
I would tell you to give it to me, I would be your helpful holder.
If I could switch you pains, yours for mine,
I would, so that you could be fine.
If my words could cut those that said those terrible things to you,
I would spit out my swords of wrath so they could suffer too.
If I had a magic control that could rewind,
I would rewind then skip it so it wasn't even in your mind.
If I was you I know I wouldn't know what to do.
But i would need someone.
That is who i will be,
The person you need.
Ill be there for you in this crazy horrible time.
Ill be your shoulder if you need.
I will stand by your side till this is over.
Cause its out of my hands and that's all i can do.
Babe if there was something else i could do,
Other than just be there for you,
I would do it.

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